Negotiation Communications

Disputes can occur between internal and external stakeholders in many working environments.  Whether it be face-to-face or over the telephone, if these interactions are badly managed, they can quickly affect staff safety and welfare, impact directly on organisation efficiency and continuity, and cause long-term damage to personal wellbeing and customer relationships.

Fulcrum Risk provides customised solutions to help management and staff to manage these difficult situations using effective negotiation and communication strategies.

Key features of our Negotiation Communications services include:

• An interactive approach to Negotiation Communications to help client management and staff to understand the visual and verbal signs of impending danger and appreciate the importance of planning and preparing appropriate responses to varying levels of anger and aggression


• The creation of appropriate Policies, Response Plans and Training Material for difficult workplace situations


• The delivery of Engaging and Interactive Training Workshops that are tailored to reflect the practical needs of the client’s workplace environment


• Use of a hand-picked team of Experienced and Trained Facilitators and Role-Players to deliver Tailored Scenario-Based Classroom Exercises where your staff are able to ‘test and try’ their newfound communication skills in a safe and controlled environment

Our Facilitators and Role-Players provide constructive feedback to help workshop participants to better understand the impact of their communication strategies, and to remedy any communication weaknesses that they may have.  This enables them to return to the workplace with an increased confidence in their ability to better manage difficult interactions with other stakeholders.