Emergency Management

Fulcrum Risk provides a portfolio of Emergency Management Services founded in our 20+ years practical experience working with clients across diverse industries and environments.

Fulcrum Risk works with clients to create a comprehensive, modular and user-friendly and Emergency Management Plans reflecting current good practice. Our plans include event specific response guidelines to meet the client’s unique circumstances and environment.

We also help clients to review, update and enhance their existing plans to ensure the document is as effective as one of our own.

Fulcrum Risk has significant expertise in the design and delivery of Emergency Management Training Workshops applicable to a wide range of operational environments. Our workshops provide a blend of theory (e.g. AS 3745 - 2010), with the client’s own policy and procedures leading to personal experience delivered through real-world exercise scenarios that take participants from theory to practical application.

Our other Emergency Management Services include planning and delivery of Multi Agency Exercises to actively engage Emergency Service Partners and other relevant stakeholders in managing emergencies.

Emergency management capabilities can be maintained through the use of Monthly-In House Emergency Management Exercises. They are short (15 – 30 minutes) tailored scenarios completed as Self Directed exercises by Emergency Management Teams, and are designed to help these busy and flexible groups preserve and refresh awareness and understanding of important practices and protocols.

Fulcrum Risk also provides event-specific and Specialised-skill Training Programs. To maximise the experience and learning benefits, we deliver these programs as interactive workshops in the client’s chosen training location, whether a training room, or the live operational environment. Specialised-skill training can include:

• Active Armed Offender Response (Exercising and Rehearsal)


• Terrorism Awareness Training & Terrorism Threat Escalation Plans


• Suicide Intervention


• Emergency Control Organisation Leadership & Team Building