Crisis Management

Crisis management is an increasingly important challenge for organisations. We help our clients plan for, and rehearse, their response to a wide range of extreme disruptive situations.  Our approach is tailored to each client’s business, priorities and environment.  We work through the key crisis management processes of assessment, decision-making, implementation and communication so that the management team understand their role and are confident they can achieve an effective and timely response during the evolving stages of a crisis.

Some of the crisis management services that Fulcrum Risk offers includes:

• Realistic scenario-based Crisis Management Training and Scenario Exercises to prepare Crisis Management Team members for the experience of handling critical incidents


• Development of practical, user-friendly Crisis Management Plans and supporting infrastructure


• Post-Incident Reviews to identify and capture experience and beneficial outcomes from real events


• Role-specific training for specialist responsibilities such as Team Leadership and Administration Support


• Guidance in establishment and operation of the Crisis Command Centres


• Benchmarking reviews for existing Crisis Management Plans