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Here are some examples of a few of the client assignments that Fulcrum has completed recently.
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Fulcrum has extensive experience and a proven track record in providing, risk management services to clients in a range of sizes and complexity, and in a variety of industries including:


Banking and Insurance


Retail and Leisure


Media & Broadcasting



bullet State & Federal Government bullet Manufacturing & Construction

Fulcrum has completed a diverse range of assignments for many of Australia's largest organisations.  In the last 2 years, some of our clients have included.




Australian Broadcasting Corporation

bullet Challenger Financial Services Group bullet GPT
bullet Insurance Australian Group bullet ING Australia

New South Wales Medical Board

bullet New South Wales Treasury Corporation

Manchester Unity

bullet Perpetual


bullet Swiss Re


bullet Woolworths

Business Continuity

We were successful in winning a tender to produce business continuity plans for a medium sized financial services organisation. The client’s existing plans were very out of date, so it was agreed that we would start from scratch and develop a new business continuity programme. The client was required a programme that would produce effective BCPs, meet regulatory requirements, but not burden the organisation unnecessarily with ongoing maintenance costs.

We developed a four stage business continuity program that included new BCM policies, risk assessment tools, strategy selection and plan development for the clients 12 business teams. Finally we provided a two stage testing workshop to ensure that each business team was comfortable that they BCP met their needs and demonstrated that they could use the plan effectively in a crisis.

Crisis Management

We have been working with a nationally distributed media organisation to develop its crisis management capabilities. This involved creating a crisis management team supported by a crisis management plan from the ground up. To enable the new team to gain familiarity with their role and the new plan we conducted a sequence of exercises each progressing in scale and complexity as the Team’s experience developed.

At the same time, we helped the client to develop a comprehensive crisis management framework that integrated the crisis management team with the wider business continuity, technology recovery and emergency management processes across the organisation. As the organisation operates nationally in every State, the crisis management framework has to be flexible and robust to deal with a very diverse range of crisis events.

Operational Risk

We were approached by a national medical industry association to help them develop risk management procedures and tools for their staff. The organisation realised that its performance review teams would occasionally be placed in situations were their safety was at risk. We helped the organisation to develop a consistent method to assess and record the risks associated with each review. We also developed a risk checklist and planning tool to be used in the high risk situations. It enabled the review team to prepare ahead of time for any potentially hazardous events which could occur during the review.

We also provided the review team members with scenario-based training workshops to help them become familiar with the risk assessment process and the risk checklist and planning tool.

Workplace Crisis Communication

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Asset Risk Management

Some of our clients work in industries where high risk situations or unexpected threats can occur at short notice, often to individuals or groups of staff. We have assisted these clients by providing rapid risk assessments of these unusual situations, calling on the specialised expertise of our team members.

Where the results of the risk assessment are significant, and it discussion with the client, we have then arranged to put in place appropriate security measures to ensure the safety and security of the staff members under threat. By developing close relationships with these clients, we have been able to provide a rapid response to meet their urgent risk concerns.

Risk Management Training Services

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